Protected Disclosure



At Mediolanum International Life dac (“MIL” or “the Organisation”) we value our relationships and encourage behaviours in line with our values.  

MIL is committed to dealing responsibly, transparently, and confidentially with any concerns any of our stakeholders may have about possible malpractice within the firm.

In this regard, a Protected Disclosure Policy has been defined which provides details on how employees and others, including board members, shareholders, contractors, job applicants, trainees, third parties, should raise a protected disclosure and how this protected disclosure will be dealt with.

What is a Protected Disclosure

A disclosure of relevant information made by a “worker” if in the reasonable belief of the “worker” the information tends to show one or more relevant wrongdoings and it came to the attention of the “worker” in connection with the workers employment.

“Worker” means an individual working in the private or public sector who acquired information on relevant wrongdoings in a work-related context with MIL and includes an individual who is or was a MIL employee, intern, contractor, trainee, volunteer, shareholder. Other stakeholders include non-executive board members, third party service providers and those who become aware of information during the recruitment process or during pre-contractual negotiations with MIL.

Protected disclosures can be reported through an in-person meeting, by phone, email and postal methods, through the contact means reported below:

-        Email:

-        Phone: +353 1 646 0676

-        Written correspondence can be sent in a sealed envelope by external/internal mail to Head of Whistleblowing of MIL, Mediolanum Group, 4th Floor, The Exchange, George’s Dock, I.F.S.C., Dublin 1

All information is held securely, and your confidentiality will be protected in line with our policies and procedures as well as the local law (where applicable).

To raise a protected disclosure, you will be asked to provide the relevant details, attach any file(s) and provide your contact information if you wish. You can also choose to remain anonymous.   

The following form can help you provide the necessary level of information to aid our Protected Disclosure team understand an issue.